Katherine Wikrent
Psychotherapist & Coach for Individuals, Couples & Families

Imagine: Better You, Better Relationships

Imagine a life where you are happy and confident, your relationships are strong, and your past is healed. Envision a self-assured you, skilled at expressing your needs and boundaries and fostering healthy relationships. Whether you're seeking support as an individual, couple, or family, we'll work together to equip you with the tools to become this version of yourself.

If your individual or relationship issues are causing you stress and you're feeling lost, remember that you don't have to navigate these challenges alone. You can build self-esteem, improve your communication, and cultivate intimacy and trust in your relationships. If you're ready to leave old patterns behind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and loved ones, I'm here to offer my guidance every step of the way.

My Expertise

Everyone is Welcome

I provide individual, couples, and family therapy at AEJ Counseling. I can guide you to heal from the past, create better coping strategies, cultivate trust and understanding with your loved ones, and bring back joy into your relationships. My support extends to all people and relationship dynamics. Many of my clients are:

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