Better You, Better Relationships
Therapy by Katherine Wikrent

Here's What I See in Your Future...

When I think about how your life will look after we work together, I imagine a happier and more confident version of yourself, where your relationships are strong and your past is healed. I envision a self-assured you, skilled at expressing your needs and boundaries and fostering healthy relationships. Whether you're seeking support as an individual, couple, or family, we'll work together to equip you with the tools to become this version of yourself.

If your individual or relationship issues are causing you stress and you're feeling lost, remember that you don't have to navigate these challenges alone. You can build self-esteem, improve your communication, and cultivate intimacy and trust in your relationships. If you're ready to leave old patterns behind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and loved ones, I'm here to offer my guidance every step of the way.

My Specialties

You're in the Right Place if You Are...

My support extends to all kinds of people and relationship dynamics. Everyone is welcome, and I especially love working with people who are:

Meet Your Therapist

Hi there, I am Katherine Wikrent!

I am a provisional-licensed professional counselor (PLPC) therapist in New Orleans who loves helping people live more authentically and create better relationships with themselves and others by learning to assert themselves, set boundaries, and figure out what really makes them happy.

As a recovering people-pleaser and perfectionist (See? Even therapists struggle with these things- they are tough!), I know how hard it is to break old patterns and forge a new path. As a total mental health and mind nerd, I have dedicated myself to collecting all the tools, techniques, strategies, and tricks on healing our relationships with ourselves and others. Now, I want to share all this knowledge with you and help you grow into the best possible version of yourself.

Outside of the therapy space, I am usually out exploring New Orleans, as I recently relocated here after over a decade of living in different countries (click here to hear more about my life journey and why I became a therapist). You're most likely to find me taking photos of street art and architecture, at the movies (something about seeing films at the theatre just hits different), Latin dancing, or with a mint chocolate cone in hand, checking off another ice cream joint off my to-go list.

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