About Me

Katherine Wikrent, Psychotherapist

Hi there! I'm Katherine, resident mind nerd and psychotherapist, and I'm here to help you improve yourself and build stronger relationships. I have a passion for helping individuals, couples, and families learn to have tough conversations, get real about their needs, and create stronger and more authentic connections. I work as a therapist at AEJ Counseling, a boutique therapy practice located in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana.

What We Can Do Together

I care about helping you better yourself and your relationships. I can help you with:

Why I Became a Therapist

My favorite part of being a therapist is working with remarkable individuals who courageously confront their struggles and seek assistance in overcoming them. Every day, I am inspired by the stories of the people I work with—stories of joy, heartache, triumphs, setbacks, gains, losses, and myriad other human experiences. It is an honor and a delight to accompany people on their journey toward healing.

I've been countless different versions of myself across my life. Yet, across all these changes, one constant has anchored me: my deep-seated belief that my purpose on this earth is to contribute to making it a better place for people everywhere.

My journey to becoming a therapist began many years ago with a career in international development and public policy, fueled by my innate drive to affect positive change in the world. Over the years, I worked in nonprofits in diverse places like Spain, the Czech Republic, and Mexico. My deep commitment to improving people's well-being meant I focused on the everyday issues that affect us all, like water and sanitation, public health, infrastructure, and gender equity. I earned my Master's in Public Policy from George Washington University, specializing in data science and monitoring and evaluation.

Working in public policy involves planting seeds of change that may take decades to sprout. As my career progressed, I yearned for a more immediate impact and a deeper connection with individuals. While I loved tackling complex, systems-level challenges, I also sought to directly help people facing everyday struggles. One sunny afternoon, after a self-reflective stroll in the brisk spring air, the realization struck me—I should become a therapist!

Once that clicked, I immediately put pen to paper and began writing this new chapter by earning a Master of Science in Marriage, Couples & Family Counseling from Loyola University New Orleans. The program helped me hone the knowledge and skills to provide effective therapy to individuals, partners, and families. I then pursued my current PLPC (Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor) license, enabling me to offer support to clients throughout Louisiana. I'm proud to be an active member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and NOLA Perinatal Health Collective. These affiliations underscore my commitment to providing high-quality, compassionate healthcare for individuals and families.