Therapy for Wonderfully Weird People 

Ever Feel Like You Don't Quite Fit In? 

Whether you're all about glitter and glam or obsessed with Halloween and campy movies, we'll celebrate what makes you unique as we work toward your goals. I celebrate your uniqueness because I get what it's like to be different and LOVE IT! Your quirks are strengths and are the key to living a life that thrills you.

Find Your Glow and Own It

You're caught up in this cycle of anxiety, trying to please everyone and be perfect, which makes it hard to stand up for yourself or set boundaries. Self-doubt is huge, messing with your relationships or sex life. Whether you're a couple wanting to get closer or just trying to be your true self, you deserve support to be more assertive, connect deeper, and ditch that people-pleasing.

You're in the Right Place if You Are...

And You Want to...

Transformation Stories- This Could Be You!

Picture this: you wake up every morning feeling like you’ve got life under control. You know who you are, and your confidence is through the roof. Anxiety, depression, stress? No biggie—you’ve got the tools to handle it all. Your relationships are thriving because you’re setting boundaries and speaking up for what you need. Being vulnerable? Easy—you’re embracing it and growing stronger. Big career changes or life transitions? You’re nailing them. Past trauma and grief? You’re working through them and coming out on top.

For couples, it’s all about feeling more connected and happier than ever. You’re finally in sync, understanding each other’s needs, and breaking free from those same old arguments. Your communication is spot on, and the fights? Way less frequent and intense. Trust and openness are your new normal, helping you handle emotions and reactions better. Whether you’re figuring out if you’re sticking together or moving on, you’re doing it with clarity and compassion. And if separation or co-parenting is in the cards, you’re navigating it all with grace and strength.

Ready to make these transformations happen? Let’s dive in and get started!


Couples/ Partners

Ready to Dive In? Let's Make It Happen!

We'll dive deep with reflection exercises and practical steps, all aimed at building a life that excites and fulfills you. You'll uncover your true self, build relationships that meet your needs, boost your confidence, and kick people-pleasing and perfectionism to the curb.  Whether you're rolling solo or part of a dynamic duo, I'm here to cheer you on in owning who you are, speaking up for what you need, and building those real, deep connections that make life awesome.

Hi there, I'm Katherine Wikrent!

I'm a PLPC therapist in New Orleans who's all about empowering adult women, nonbinary, and queer folks—especially those who are kinky, polyamorous, sex workers, or just proudly weird like me!

I've wrestled with people-pleasing and spent plenty of time hiding in the shadows (yep, therapists have their struggles, too!). I know firsthand how tough it can be to break those old patterns and really embrace who you are.

I'm a bit of a mental health and mind geek, and I'm known to stay up til 1am to learn new tools and strategies to help you heal and grow in your relationships with yourself and others. Now, I’m excited to share all this with you, so you can shine as the boldest, brightest, sparkliest version of yourself!

Outside of therapy, you’ll find me exploring New Orleans, my new home after a decade of living all over the globe. Whether I’m snapping photos of street art, catching a movie (I love the big screen!), salsa dancing, or trying out a new ice cream spot, I’m always up for an adventure. Click here to hear more about who I am and why I became a therapist.